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Réka Deák FOC24

Réka Deàk



Reka Deak is the Founder and CEO of Wellbeing Designers, a purpose-driven, innovative company, enabling human-centric organisations and leaders to create a well-being culture via strategic well-being education. Her mission is to develop well-being as an essential skill for the future workforce for a sustainable work-life. She is the host of Wellbeing Designers Podcast, talking with well-being leaders of big organisations. As an advocate of human- centric work-life and wellbeing culture, she gives keynotes worldwide. She is Affiliate Senior Advisor at The Josh Bersin Company.

Reka has an MSc in business administration in Corporate Finance as well as in Education. She has been a management consultant for 15+ years leading large scale business transformation journeys globally. Her focus has been on culture, change management, leadership development. She is an ICF accredited brain-based Coach, a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher. Inspired by her own wellbeing journey as a busy professional in a highly competitive environment she developed a method around wellbeing which goes beyond the individual focusing on teams, organisations, systems. Reka is based in Switzerland, near the Zürich lake with her partner and son, speaking 4 languages in their home and spending lots of time in nature.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by: nature — the energy it can give us; humans — how we built our civilisation and what we have today; and others — those who take non-conventional paths and dare to ask questions with the purpose of changing things for better.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

Two immediate answers come to my mind. One is the relationship with myself: how I have been able to discover and connect to my purpose in life over the years.
The second one is the relationship with my grandfather. For many years I was not aware how much his personality shaped who I am today. He was a medical doctor, a family doctor. He also loved exploring and getting to know new things, which was not so easy during communism in Hungary, but he found the way to take his family for camping across Europe over the years. I discover his personality and influence shaping the work I do today.

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