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Maryam Mohaghegh



Maryam Mohaghegh, is a mother of two wonderful young men, a wife, a daughter and a sister. She holds an M.Sc and is a CPC, teaches as a lecturer at NC State University. She has work experience in scientific research, publishing, translation, teaching and life coaching. She is a board member of ICF-Raleigh and the co-founder of Higher Ed Special Interest Group and passionate about education. She believes coaching mindset as a required element in defining the direction of learning and education. Her focus is on decision making. She has a knack for seeing the beauty and power in people and brings it out to them. Her clients have found her to be resourceful, creative, approachable and easy to work with. She creates a space in which people can connect deeply with the core of who they are and stand in their own light. She is a catalyst to their success, helping them to get clarity and agency to pursue their dreams for those who are willing to commit to the process. Building relations and cocreating is her thing, she believes in collecting our efforts to make a better future for all and spends a good amount of her time volunteering.

What inspires you?

Observation, learning, collaboration and possibilities

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

My friends and community; the amazing people I’ve come across by chance, learnt from and became lifelong friends with. Even if I don’t see them for a long time, when I do, it seems as if time has not passed, we connect from where we broke off!

What’s on your bookshelf?

How Emotions are Made, Lisa Feldman Barrett
The Empath’s Survival Guide, Judith Orloff
Knives Out (film)
Jane the Virgin (television series)
The Good Place (television series)
Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

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