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Gabriela Teasdale



Gaby Teasdale is an author, businesswoman, social-entrepreneur and leadership coach. Born and raised in Paraguay, she was educated in Paraguay and the United States. She was selected amongst thousands of applicants to be a Marshall Goldsmith MG100 coach. Gaby is the founder of Pro Líder Training, a leadership development organization dedicated to developing leaders of multinational companies in several different countries. She is also the founder and president of Transformación Paraguay, a nonprofit with a vision to train one million Paraguayans in leadership values. Working in collaboration with the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, Gaby and her team have trained more than 400,000 people to date. Over the past 4 years she has spearheaded a project to teach leadership to kids in more than 2,000 Paraguayan public schools. Gaby is the author of “Do it, It’s Worth It!” a bilingual children’s book, written so that the early-age children of Paraguay can learn leadership through short stories. She lives in Asuncion with her husband and two kids, Isaiah (11) and Angelina (15). She studied marketing, business and leadership at Duke, Thunderbird, Lee University and the Universidad Americana.

Featured Insights

What inspires you?

My children, they represent children and young people who today need the best tools to go out and build something better and bigger for everyone. It inspires me to observe, understand the needs, and know that we can all do something if we are intentional and collaborate, we can really transform realidades.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

My grandfather, a doctor who decided to understand and serve the poor, the less privileged people. Another relationship that positively influenced my life was with my mentor John Maxwell, who believed in me, in my vision and became my ally in everything we do in my country.

What’s on your bookshelf?

The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek

The Every Day Hero Manifesto, Robin Sharma

Think Again, Adam Grant

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