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Dr. José Miguel Justel



Dr. José Miguel Justel, PhD, MCC is a licensed psychologist, specialized in organizational psychology and higher education institutions. He’s a Master Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. Furthermore, he is the Founder and CEO of Just Tell & Done, a company focused on organizational development strategies, mentoring and coaching. He’s a member of the Board of Directors of the Thought Leadership Institute, and Chairperson of the Future of Education task force. Also, he’s part of the Board of Directors of Luis Miranda Foundation (Universidad Universal) and for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act – Carolina. Dr. Justel is the former General Manager of Universia Puerto Rico, a university collaboration project sponsored by Santander Bank, Corporate Director at Universia’s Global Executive Development Center, former Chief Learning Officer for Santander Bank and Director for Santander Universities division. Also, during twenty years doctor Justel was part of the faculty at the Graduate School of Psychology in the Inter American University of Puerto Rico and Albizu University. He holds a Bachelor degree in Science specialized in Public Health Education from the University of Puerto Rico – Medical Sciences Campus, and both an MS in Industrial Psychology and a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Albizu University, all with honors. His PhD dissertation received special distinction, considered to be exceptional by the dissertation committee. Additionally, he obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Diplomacy and International Relations awarded by the Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

What inspires you?

Education is the perfect key tool to transform our society and make it prosper. That is my primary inspiration. I have been aware of this since I was a child because it is a real-life experience for me. During my school years, I got involved in experiences that allowed me to produce better academic results during my undergraduate and graduate studies. Some of the experiences that paved the way for me include being a member of the school’s Library Club and Mentoring Club, as well as participating in local poetry contests. I would like to give a very specific example from when I was in elementary school. I wrote a hand-written essay on credit unions which was awarded first place in a national contest. An elaborate ceremony, a commemorative plaque, a $50 cheque, and a free hotel stay was also provided. I was also invited to a formal buffet lunch. It was the first time in my life I felt extremely proud of myself having the opportunity to see all my family together. The impact this type of recognition has on a child is immeasurable, and no matter the social background you come from, you feel empowered and hopeful. All the extracurricular activities and experiences I got involved in or participated in, also helped me build confidence in my performance as a leader, psychologist, educator, and coach. These countless experiences concretize my faith in the potency of education, pertaining to individuals and society as a whole.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

Without a doubt, teachers have been at the center of the most influential relationships of my life. Back when I was in school, teachers would pay attention to me and they recognized both my skills and talents as well as my hunger for knowledge and achievements. They would ask me to prepare and teach classes or to help them with administrative tasks related to their work: like correct exams, and preparing the grade cards for students. I became a Teachers’ Assistant of sorts. I felt I was doing good for my school, community, and myself. My confidence and ability developed over time, allowing me keep contributing to the field of education throughout my career.

What’s on your bookshelf?

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