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Cordy McJunkins



Cordy McJunkins is currently a graduate student at Stanford University pursuing a dual master’s in education policy, organization, and leadership studies and public policy. Stemming from his own adverse childhood experiences, his work focuses on the holistic development of children as they prepare to go to college and/or enter the workforce. Cordy leads EPOG Academy’s research and development by analyzing and collecting data, providing background knowledge on relevant education issues, and building a network of researchers and academics who can help support the organization.

Featured Insights

What inspires you?

What inspires me is seeing people my age go out and advocate for the rights and freedoms of children. Given all the terrible things happening in the world right now, it is always heartening to see my generation out and demanding change while inspiring younger people to speak up.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

The most influential relationship has actually been with the community I was in as a child. The conditions I grew up in have strongly influenced how I see the world and what I think has to change in order to have all children thrive in this day and age.

What’s on your bookshelf?

The Meritocracy Trap, Daniel Markovits

The Death and Life of the Great American School System, Diane Ravitch

The Schoolhouse Gate: Public Education, the Supreme Court, and the Battle for the American Mind, Justin Driver

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