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TLI student interns see positive transformation in the future of education

The Future of Education is swiftly evolving to meet the needs of a changing planet. As university students, our interns regularly consider how their education will prepare them for this uncertain future. In this interview, interns Haley Cline and Michal Miller each reflect on their work with the ICF Thought Leadership Institute and what they learned from the latest collection.

Interns Haley and Michal explain how collaboration enhances discovery 

Each semester, the Thought Leadership Institute works with 1-2 university students to develop their interdisciplinary writing and guide them through the editorial process. Haley Cline and Michal Miller worked diligently over the summer to annotate transcripts, research insights, and help draft content based on the Manifesting the Future of Education Convening in June 2022. Below, they each reflect on their work with the ICF Thought Leadership Institute and what they learned from the latest collection.

Thinking over the last year, how would you describe working as a research and writing intern with the Thought Leadership Institute?

“I was challenged to grow in a lot of different directions. This experience surprised me in a positive way. TLI didn’t doubt my abilities because I was an intern but gave me opportunities to grow and produce content I was proud of.” 

Haley Cline

“I am part of an incredible team that encourages me to explore and write about a variety of interrelated topics. Through my time here, I have learned a great deal about coaching and its wide-reaching applications and have even had the chance to meet with a coach one-on-one. TLI values the needs and preferences of every team member, allowing me to focus on the assignments that interest and benefit me. I have taken part in every aspect of the creative process including researching, drafting, editing, and revising. Seeing the final products on the website is always immensely satisfying and leaves me knowing that I contributed in a meaningful way to a group that produces positive articles that are available for all. My time at TLI has made me a better writer and thinker, and every week I look forward to the challenges and knowledge I will uncover when I delve into new subjects.”

Michal Miller

For the Future of Education collection, what are you most proud of?

“I am most proud of being able to acknowledge groups of people who are working hard in education. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by a large task and have a cynical outlook on it, but it’s important to highlight all the positive efforts being made. That’s also why I loved my time with TLI – all my work ended up focusing on optimism and solutions instead of doom and gloom.” 

Haley Cline

“From the Future of Education collection, I am most proud of the “how to” articles. This was a new format inspired by this collection, and I worked on the initial drafts of the article about teachers and the coaching approach. The new format offers a product that is usable by all individuals, not just coaches, and is filled with interesting insights and resources. I remember struggling with the intricacies of selecting the steps, but after several conversations, I am exceedingly proud of the final product.” 

Michal Miller

Exploring the future of education and the planet through writing

What was the biggest challenge in creating the Future of Education collection?

“Along with new content, the Future of Education convening brought new ideas for article styles and approaches. The “how to” articles along with the altered insight article formats required extra care when developing the first drafts. TLI stands out for the care taken to design assignments that ensure the interns have a role in the interactive process of content production. Our weekly meetings include conversations about new approaches and advice regarding the particulars of the article types. While challenging, I am immensely grateful for the life skills in production and writing that the [Future of Education] content has provided me.” 

Michal Miller

“The biggest challenge from the Future of Education was keeping hold of a wide focus. As a company focusing on global issues, TLI aims to support solutions for all people, not just people in the United States. Something I worked very hard on was to keep in mind that my way, informed by my American experience, was not the only way to view the topic.” 

Haley Cline

If you could suggest any one article from Future of Education, what would it be and why?

“I would suggest How teachers can use a coaching approach to empower students in the classroom. It’s a practical toolkit for teachers to encourage students’ curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving. I think it’s so important for young people to have supportive systems in place to become successful and enjoy life. This article is very special to me because it highlights a practical path to improving educational quality.” 

Haley Cline

“While the convening covers a wide range of topics, a personal favorite of mine is the article entitled Implementing pervasive learning in the classroom establishes future success. An article with strong ties to the Future of Work collection, the write-up addresses the importance of teaching adults to continually learn as they enter the workplace. As the world constantly changes due to technology and altering expectations, students can no longer expect to stop learning after they leave academic institutions. Wisdom Weaver Dr. Jayne Fleener’s insights provide the foundation for a timely discussion. I found this topic particularly interesting and a fresh take on a modern issue.” 

Michal Miller

Is there anything else readers should know about this collection?

“The Global Digital Library’s content is diverse yet connected, capturing many individual voices and bringing them together in a common space. After exploring the Future of Education articles, readers can find material that suits their interest in the Future of Work and even the Future of Coaching collections. Working with TLI has given me a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of humans and the problems we face. Our articles are filled with unique perspectives, and by following the links and research embedded in the content, readers are able to draw connections to the great issues being addressed.” 

Michal Miller

“There is something for everyone! No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do for a living, this collection has content applicable to your life. Education is a societal institution that influences us all and readers can see that here.” 

Haley Cline

Meet the TLI Research and Writing Interns

Haley Cline has red hair which contrasts against her black sweater. She stands in front of coppery fall leaves.

Haley Cline is a recent graduate from James Madison University with a B.S. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. Haley sees a future where accessible infrastructure and laws support job transformation, economic growth, and just societies. She is passionate about disability advocacy and accessible technology. Haley is currently developing her writing skills to work in instructional design, hoping to help build more inclusive educational practices.

Michal Miller wears a black dress and stands in front of a canal in Italy

Michal Miller is a Senior at Boston College, double majoring in English and Communication. She is interested in women’s rights and making an impact through writing and research. With a love for all things written, Michal plans to pursue a career in publishing. Her hope for the future is a world without political strife and upheaval, where everyone is free to be themselves without judgment or hate.

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