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The role of creativity in adapting to change: a poet’s perspective

Creativity is the foundation of risk-taking, innovation, and adaptation, but as Wisdom Weaver William Ayot notes, it has long been neglected in management or administrative positions. Embracing creativity will prove vital to the future of work as advancing technologies change the way that people connect and do business.

How Does a Poet Think About the Future of Work? 

“There is quite a lot of work around the notion of the right brain and the left brain, and there is a sort of a tyranny of the left brain — a tyranny of detail, inverted commas, reason, and data.

Whereas the right brain is largely discounted and as a poet, I spent 25 years plus working in organizations, where I have to tell you my half of the brain is absolutely discounted.

People think in terms of the leadership through the left brain and fixing and solutions and logic and all these things, but they have lost that soulful quality.”

William Ayot

William Ayot

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