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Svetlana Dimovski

Svetlana Dimovski, Ph.D., PCC, NBC-HWC


Svetlana Dimovski, Ph.D., is an ICF PCC executive and leadership development coach with 20 years of cross-functional leadership experience in mission-driven, people-centered, socially and environmentally responsible Fortune 100 organizations and international development nonprofit space.

As a founder of Dharma Growth, LLC, Svetlana provides individual and group coaching, strategic advising, and leadership training to her corporate-sponsored and private clients worldwide. In addition, Svetlana is an Interim Chief Growth Officer at the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy. Svetlana is also a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Kellogg Executive Scholar in Leadership, and Fellow of the Institute of Coaching, McLean Harvard Medical School. She leads AI in Coaching as a member leader at the Forbes Coaches Council.

Svetlana enjoys creating personal, organizational, and ecosystem transformations at scale. In 2016, her work on creating space for innovation and growth was recognized with the Best Open Innovation program award at the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officers Summit, and she appeared in a documentary movie, “Experiment 150.” Svetlana holds a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering, a Postgraduate Diploma in digital business, and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Before taking on corporate leadership and coaching, she was deeply involved in fundamental research. With 830 peer-reviewed journal citations, her pioneering work in nanomaterials science continues to be globally relevant to this day. Svetlana served as a Member of the Materials Advisory Board at Drexel University, a Board of Trustees Member for Arts for The Aging, an Advisory Committee Member for TechConnect World, and a grant proposal reviewer for the National Science Foundation. As an ICF member, she regularly attends ICF global conferences and volunteers during International Coaching Week.

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