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Our Take: Charting the course for well-being and coaching’s future

What’s your take?

As we enter the new year, we are thrilled to launch our latest collection: The Future of Well-Being: Sustaining holistic growth and purposeful living. Over the next six months, we will dive into trending well-being topics such as self-care, workplace dynamics, sustainability, digital well-being, social connections, and existential fulfillment. This collection on the Future of Well-Being is an invitation to co-create a future where coaching is a driving force for positive change, a catalyst for holistic well-being, and a light of hope in an interconnected world.

This month’s series, Caring for Self and Others: Balancing the Care Equation, features thought-provoking articles exploring the transformative landscape of well-being. The articles challenge, inspire, and call for active participation. The narrative that unfolds in this series is marked by resilience, interconnectedness, and transformative care. The overarching theme woven through these articles is the central role of coaching in shaping a future where well-being is not just an individual pursuit but an interconnected, collective endeavor.

Join us as we navigate the nuances of well-being and coaching. Imagine a future where coaching is more than a profession — coaching is a catalyst for holistic transformation. Welcome to our take on Caring for Self and Others: Balancing the Care Equation!

Explore the future of coaching for well-being — This Trend Article sets the stage for coaching’s role in shaping a resilient and harmonious future, using a futures thinking lens to examine trends driving global interconnectedness and its impact on the well-being landscape. A question emerges: How can coaches navigate the intricacies of diverse cultural landscapes, ensuring that coaching transcends boundaries and becomes a universal force for positive change?

 The future of caring for self and others: A guide for coaches — This Trend Article scans signals for emerging inspirations and sees self-care extending beyond the individual to include the well-being of others as a collective endeavor, shaping a more empathetic and interconnected world. How can coaching play a pivotal role in global well-being as a collective endeavor?

Navigating the future ecosystem of care: Coaches as catalysts for holistic well-being — This visionary Insight Article sees coaches as partners in a connected ‘ecosystem of care’ for holistic well-being. How can coaching not only empower individual well-being but actively contribute to reshaping caregiving systems on a global scale?

Well-being offers a sustainable alternative to health optimization — This Insight Article challenges prevailing notions of well-being, encouraging coaches to embrace a holistic view of well-being as an alternative to health optimization, equipping coaches and their clients with skills for a future of well-being for all. The question arises: In a world fixated on optimal health, how can coaches foster supportive networks that nurture not just individual well-being but the collective well-being of humanity?

Positive Health Coaching: Christian van Nieuwerburgh explores the future of coaching in healthcare — In this Spotlight Article, coaching researcher Christian van Nieuwerburgh shares insights from a new center researching the interplay between coaching, healthcare, and the future of well-being. How can coaches champion a shift towards holistic well-being over a narrow pursuit of happiness in the healthcare domain?

Self-care helps coaches serve others while avoiding caregiver burnout — This Insight Article positions self-care as the foundational aspect of sustainable coaching, offering guidance on building a resilient and healthy coaching profession through self-care. As you reflect, ask: How can integrating self-care into coaching competencies create a culture of support for a thriving coaching profession?

 A call to engage: Your role in shaping tomorrow

As we present our take on the Future of Well-Being Collection, we invite you to actively engage in shaping coaching’s tomorrow. Each article is an opportunity to envision, question, and co-create. What futures do these articles spark in your mind? How will you actively contribute to coaching’s transformative role in the well-being landscape? Share these insightful articles with your networks and join the conversation on the future of well-being! Use the hashtags #FutureWellBeing, #CoachingForWellBeing, and #HolisticGrowth. Let’s shape a sustainable, healthy future together!

Caring for Self and Others Series Creative Team

Genevieve Feliú, PhD, United States

Catherine Galli, MPH, United States

Alicia Hullinger, PhD, United States

Megan McCarthy, Spain

Amy Meverden, PhD, United States

Thank you to our contributors

Noof Aljneibi, MAPP, United Arab Emirates

Badri Bajaj, PhD, PCC India

Amy Blankson, MBA, United States

Sam Brakarsh, MS, United States

Charly Cox, MA, PCC, United Kingdom

Réka Deák, MSc, ACC, Switzerland

Anastasia Dedyukhina, PhD, United Kingdom

Juan Diego Calisto, PCC, Peru

Haitham Elmasry, ACC, Saudi Arabia

Sackeena Gordon, PhD, MCC, United States

Siddhi Japee, MA, PCC India

Byron Johnson, PhD, United States

Mimi Nicklin, Malaysia

Ryan Niemiec, PhD, United States

Marcus Ranney, MD, India

Christian van Nieuwerburgh, PhD, United Kingdom

Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D.
22 January 2024

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